How To Deal With Your Angry Self?

Do you find yourself getting angry and impatient with everyone and everything around you? Indeed, stress is in our lives and in different forms. We are constantly pushed for time. If you a home maker, running after kids to get them ready for school as well as looking into their food, lunch packs and getting them to school on time is a major challenge every day. You might end up feeling frustrated and angry as you find everything going wrong and time slipping past. Here are some ways to deal with the stress and frustration.

Set time aside

Even if it seems impossible, you need to set time aside for relaxation and some quiet time. If you tend to get wired up easily, set time aside for yourself when you can sit down and practice relaxation techniques. Simple breathing exercises or mindfulness, being aware of the things around you and your own breathing, can help to calm you down. An ideal way to do stress would be booking a weekend Daylesford holiday accommodation.

Find ways to relax

There are several ways to make your body relax. If your nerves are wired up with deadlines and timelines to adhere to, you would be wearing your body down with such stress. In order to distress, put some time aside and try a hobby that you find relaxing. This does not have to mean sitting in front of the television. Opt for an outdoor activity like a walk in the park, which would help you to exercise as well as relax. If you are booked at an accommodation in a holiday destination, being in a different place will definitely help you to relax.


Often, you might find yourself getting irritated and angry for no reason. That might be due to thoughts or life events that are bothering you. Our minds are hard disks that memorize several events and often we have undealt emotions and feelings. You need to put time aside to meditate, bring your mind to a peaceful state when you can focus on what is troubling you. Introspecting on the events around that painful situation or event can help you find a way out and the right approach to take.

Love yourself

We are often too hard on ourselves. We repress feelings and emotions that we think are inappropriate. However, it is important to give recognition to all your emotions and feelings before you judge them. Allow yourself some kindness and give time to yourself. Allow the frustrations to surface and give vent to them. Loving yourself by realizing your feelings and understanding why they occur without being judgmental is a great way to feeling good and allowing bad feelings to evaporate.