The 7 Most Common Services At The Airport

So you are off on your travels and you are at the packing stage. Between all of you, you are deciding what you need to pack and what can stay home. Some things you’ll buy before you go, some things you intend to buy at the airport, and some things will be left until you get to your destination. However, the difficult part is choosing what exactly you do not need to pack right now. Because once you get to the airport, you may not find what you need and by that time it is too late. Make a note of the following 7 common services found at most international airports so that you know exactly what you can buy before you get on the plane.

1. Foreign exchange: It can be a huge dilemma to either exchange money well before the flight, at the airport where you could get less foreign currency for your money, or wait until the destination, in which case, you have no idea of their exchange rate. Generally, transferring at the airport is useful only when you can’t make it to money exchange locations on the high street.

2. Food court: Airlines all recommend arriving at the check in desk at least three hours before your departure time. That could mean waiting up to four hours between your last meal before leaving home and your in-flight meal, if you have one. Have a light meal at the airport to settle your hunger pains.

3. Internet: While many international airports offer free to use wireless internet within the terminal, some only include an internet café, which charges an extortionate amount of money per hour. If you desperately need to use the internet at the airport, be prepared to spend some money on this service. Check this link if you are looking for money exchange locations. 

4. Pharmacy: Perhaps the most common store in airports is a pharmacy. Many people suffer from travel sickness and need the convenience of a pharmacy to get travel pills. They also sell all types of medicines and creams that tourists need when travelling to foreign destinations.

5. Clothes shops: Clothing stores take up most of the retail space within an airport terminal. However, they are mostly designer stores looking to take advantage of passing trade from travelling business executives with plenty of money to spend.

6. Newsagent: Just what you need to make sure you have enough entertainment on board. No matter if you prefer reading newspapers, magazines, or books, the airport newsagent has got you covered. Any one of these media types will make the flight time pass in no time. For book lovers, newsagents usually stock the latest bestsellers in all genres from fiction to autobiographical.

7. Souvenir store: Perfect for when you missed your chance to buy souvenirs for your loved ones but you know you need to bring back something special from your trip.