Budget Friendly Ways To Add More Value To Your Life

We are born to do something great, at least that’s what we like to think. However when the responsibilities of our life ways over us we tend to let go of this desire and resolve to merely exist. With some extra time that we have to spare and without much strain on our wallets we can add some substantial value to our otherwise boring lives. Read on and find out how. 


More precisely backpacking. This is a economical but adventurous way to explore the wild side of things. Contrary to the luxury forms of travel that leave a serious dent in our finances, backpacking can add a whole lot of value for a very small expense. For example, affordable backpacking budget is minuscule comparing to a weekend at a luxury spa, but the value and adventure it adds to your life is priceless.

Read a book

Adding more to your life can be as simple as a trip to the local library or book-store. The human mind has this power of creating these amazing effects with just a few words. Expose yourself to some new ideas and try to understand the workings of another person’s mind. There are so many books to choose from out there. Whether it be a literary classic that will make you sound absolutely intelligent at the next party to a self-help book that can give the motivation you need to try out that project you have in mind, a few words between the covers can do so much.

Learn something new

With the internet learning something new can be both free and easily accessible. Try learning a new language or a new hobby. Not only will this simulate your mind, but the feeling of accomplishment that follows after learning something is remarkable. Plus, learning something never did anything wrong to anyone and all you need is a few minutes a day.

Write a book

Rather than just reading try writing. You don’t have to write a best seller. You don’t have to even publish it. The act of putting your thoughts to paper can make for a very rewarding experience. You will be surprised at how amazing your thoughts are because the fleeting thoughts we tend to forget on a daily basis will be brought to life on paper. Maybe it will lead to you getting to know a whole new side of yourself.

Travel (Seriously, Do it!)

I cannot stress the importance of travelling enough. The 2 weeks itinerary Indonesia has to offer can add more to your life than a lifetime of watching TV. Even if it means you’ll have to take a break from work I highly suggest you go out and explore, even if it’s the other side of your city.Our lives have so much to offer. The opportunity is out there for you to grab.

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