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Sydney is a place where people come to live their dream life. It is an ideal place for tourism. A must go place for all those who love adventure and want to explore the folded sites of the city. Sydney is a combination of sightseeing, adventurous trips, architecture, and what not. It has got something for everyone of all age groups. Everybody should visit Sydney once in a lifetime. But visiting and exploring Sydney is not enough unless you choose the best place to live in. The trip can become the worst nightmare if you failed to choose a good hotel. The definition of a good hotel is that it should at least fulfil the basic necessities including the condition of the room, a good bathroom, basic laundry service, centrally air-conditioned etc. Liv Sydney can help you in making your holidays memorable. 

Reasons to choose Liv Sydney: 
Well, there are numerous reasons to stay in Liv Sydney but a few are the prominent ones that urge people to book for their Liv Sydney for holidays are as follows: 

  • General Services: 
    The general services which we have been offering are, we have a good number of elevators so guests do not have to wait for their turn, they have their turn to step in an elevator as soon as they enter in the hotel. 
  • Smoking Area: 
    We have categorized the common lounge in two main categories: 
  1. Smoking Zone 
  1. Non-smoking Zone 
  •  Customized Facilities: 
    We have designed our hotel in such a way that we have all the facilities available for the disabled guests. They do not have to worry about anything, they can have access to each facility on their own. 
  • Restaurant: 
    We have a world class restaurant which serves you all the day long and also provide services at your doorstep. 
  • Location: 
    The location of the hotel is ideal. It is located in the most prominent and famous area of Sydney. The central station is just near to the hotel you do not need to walk miles and miles to get to the desired destination. It saves cost, time and energy. 
  • Internet: 
    A free Wi-fi service is available in the hotel rooms and its free of cost. 
  • Rooms: 
    We have one- bedroom apartment for newly married couples and single guests, two-bedroom apartment for a small family or a group of people and we also have 3 bedroom apartments in Broadway. 
  1. The room services include: 
  1. The room has a high-resolution tv along with a DVD player. 
  1. The lounge has a dining table and a sofa set. 
  1. The bathroom has a bathtub, shower cabin, hairdryer with free toiletries. 
  1. Laundry and ironing service is available. 
  1. The kitchen has all the basic accessories including a stove and kitchenware. 
  1. A balcony in each apartment to have a mesmerizing view while sitting and enjoying tea with your loved ones. 

In short, we have a complete package for you and we also help you in making lifetime memories by offering you a world class service. holiday-accomodate

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